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Nov 4, 2009 11:00am EST
and call center, both out of commission. so customers could not arrange for pickup. >> reporter: lisa joins me from metro. first of all, what happened? >> we had a computer thatailed this morning. it was a computer that dealt with the communications functions, several critical functions that we use to communicate with the customers, such as the next bus system. a few of those have come back online. the website came back online at about 8:30, and the customer call centers for metro access and the full system came back closer to 10:00. the nt bus system is still not functioning. some people have to use credit cards to add fare to the cards, and the maximum of only $20 right now. we are getting systems back online and throughout the morning, and we hope to see where we are by rush hour. >> was there ever any kind of an issue with security not knowing where your trains were and that sort of thing. >> the communications with the trains were never an issue at all. we had difficulty moving the bus operators, and by 10:00 that was resolved. the trains, the buses and the power transit service have b
Nov 10, 2009 11:00am EST
for the astronaut,Ñi lisa nowak. she is expected in a florida court tomorrow. if a deal is reached, prosecutors say she may not get any jail time at all. in 2007, nowak wasñr accused of driving from houston to florida to go after another woman. she is facing attempted kidnapping charges as well as assault. a trial could start as early as zch a plea deal. a plea deal. >>> the manÑ blackmail david letterman,ñr whe he is expected to ask that it be thrown out. prosecutors say halderman, who is a producer for cbs news, threatened to go after letterman unless he gave him $2 million. letterman admitted on the show later he had sex with women that worked for him. >>> a hearing over michael jackson's estate is going forward today. joe jackson claimed yesterday that his son believed his old friends, john brett kau and mcclain defrauded him. and now they are executors of the estate. they are saying joe jackson's statement are not worthy of comment. >>> a pair of nines is all it took to win the world series of poker. joe kata beat out moon. moon gets over $5 million for coming in second. the pair played 88
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2